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Know God in a Year #80 Shabbat

One Sabbath Jesus had spoken at the synagogue, running longer than usual. On the way home, he and his guys, accompanied by the ever-present spies who pretend to be his students, pass through a field. The grain is ripe and the disciples are hungry, so they rub off the hulls and eat it.

Any other day eating someone’s grain as you walk through their field would have been acceptable,* but this is Sabbath, and the Pharisees are with them.

“Look,” one said, “your disciples are breaking the Sabbath,” implying that they were “reaping” and “threshing.”

Jesus takes them back to scriptures they pride themselves in knowing, showing them how little they really understand.

“Haven’t you read how David took the sacred bread from the temple when his men were hungry? It’s only lawful for priests to eat it, but because of their need, he gave it to his men and ate it himself! The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.”

He knows they are stretched past their beliefs, so lovingly He explains and confronts, “You’ve read in the law that priests serving in the temple work more on the Sabbath and are guiltless, and one greater than the temple is here. The Son of Man* is Lord of the Sabbath also.” (He has already shown that he is Lord of the temple).

They try to conceal their extreme discomfort over hearing him claim to be the Messiah and Lord of everything. It would change their whole religion.

Luke 6:1-5,  Mark 2:23-28,  Matthew 12:5,6   Deuteronomy 23:24,25   *another title for the Messiah (Daniel 7:13) and Jesus favorite





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