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Know God in a Year #251 Choice is Power

When Jesus appeared to the disciples in the upper room, Thomas wasn’t there.
When he hears they have seen Jesus, he is bitterly disappointed, and determined not to believe until he sees Jesus alive for himself. He is wounded that everyone but him has seen his Lord, and broods for a week. He repeatedly tells them, “Unless I see the wounds, and touch his hands and feet and side, I won’t believe.”
Many disciples are using the upper room as their temporary home, and at evening all, except Thomas, gather here.
One evening he determines to meet with them, and that night, though doors are locked, suddenly Jesus is there.
“Peace to you,” says Jesus, just as before, and then turning to Thomas, “Reach out your hand and put your fingers in my scars and on my side, and don’t doubt, don’t choose unbelief, but believe.”
Thomas realizes Jesus came just for him. His heart leaps and he falls at Jesus’ feet, joyfully exclaiming “My Lord and my God!”
“Thomas,” Jesus reproves gently, “you believe because you have seen. Happy are those who believe without seeing.”
If you wait for your doubts to be removed, you could get stuck in unbelief. Thomas chose to be miserable. Doubt trains your brain to look for the negative–the downside of life. And then when confidence and faith are required, you find yourself powerless to believe. You haven’t built in the structures for it.
Start now.  Choose to believe. Choose to see the good. Choice is power.
Luke 24:33-48,  John 20:19-29

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