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Know God in a Year #13 The First Born

A baby’s cry pierced the stillness of the temple. It was Jesus’ eighth day and He had just been circumcised as a promise to obey God’s law. An infant promising? Perhaps it was more for the  parents to promise to teach him God’s law. Boundaries are so important to child development and safe feelings.

Every first-born son of Israel was circumcised and dedicated to God as a priest and a symbol of the expected Messiah. After Moses, the tribe of Levi were priests, but each first-born was still dedicated to God.

This was symbolic. Before our creation God had promised to have a son who would reclaim earth’s inhabitants, should it be necessary if Satan seduced them into evil. So every first-born son was dedicated as a reminder of that promise.

In the Exodus God called Israel His “first born.” And because Pharaoh wouldn’t recognize or release God’s “first born” from Egypt, God allowed the Destroyer (Satan) to kill Egypt’s first-born sons. Cries pierced that night also. Yet Satan couldn’t enter any home marked with blood, symbolizing the power of Jesus’ blood to protect and save from death.*

Jesus came as Earth’s “second Adam” and God’s “first born” even though unrecognized by Israel.**

A month after Jesus is circumcised, the priest officiating at Jesus’ dedication doesn’t recognize Him as Messiah either. He has no idea he’s holding God’s son. His parents are poor; no sign of wealth, rank or power alerts anyone. They bring the poorest offering allowed the poorer classes, though still without blemish–signifying that Messiah is perfect physically and spiritually.

But God does give a sign. An old man who knows God, who lives in His presence, Simeon, is sent as a herald.

Luke 2:21-25,  *Exodus 12:23, Isaiah 33:1, Hebrews 2:14, **Colossians 1:15 (KJV)


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