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Know God in a Year #136 The Paradox of Greatness

In his temporary home at Capernaum, Jesus calls his disciples to him. He so wants to prepare them for their greatest test. If they can receive it, they will suffer so much less when he dies. So he asks, “What were you discussing on the way here?”
Suddenly, it feels different in his presence, and they are embarrassed. Especially since he has said he’s facing death. Afraid to ask him about it, they had dismissed it, and had gone back to their own ideas and wishes.
Finally one gets brave enough to ask, “Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”
“If you want to be first, become the servant of all,” begins Jesus. They are shocked. They don’t understand that their contention is the same as the one Satan started in heaven–the very attitude that brought Jesus here to silence Satan’s accusations by showing God’s heart.
Jesus is thinking of Lucifer. Spirit has shown him the former most beautiful of angels, who “wanted to be like God”–wanted the position and power, but not God’s character.* Now Lucifer’s (Satan’s) kingdom is one of force and getting the highest position, whatever it takes, no matter who you have to step on.
They just have to get this! Jesus thinks. They are so full of Satan’s spirit they can’t even hear me!
He calls one of the children who live there, and taking him in his arms, says, “Unless you are changed and become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” They are stunned.
Matthew 18:1-3,  Mark 9:30-37,  Luke 9:44-48   *Isaiah 14:12,14

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