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Know God in a Year #158 An Inside Job

“When is the kingdom of God coming?” some Pharisees demand of Jesus. “John preached its arrival three years ago…” They could see nothing to indicate the kingdom had come, and were insinuating that he had failed.
“You won’t see it, because God’s kingdom is within you,” Jesus answers, implying that neither of them had come to overthrow established authorities. They came to change hearts, not governments, to bring the transfomation of you opening to God.
Turning to his followers he says, “The days will come when you’ll long to see one of these days and won’t see it.” They simply couldn’t appreciate his methods or who he was.
Fast forward a few months, Jesus has returned to heaven, the Holy Spirit has been given to them, they realize what they’ve been blessed with, how they’d had God hidden in humanity walking and talking with them. Now they really get it–Jesus came from God to reach the broken sons and daughters of Adam, and individually offer them new hearts.* Government can’t do that.
How they wish to have his presence again for just a day, asking him questions, having him explain Scriptures–just be with them!
They grieve at their self-centeredness and self-absorption, fighting over position, when they’d had the King of the universe physically in their presence for three years! Now they would listen!
Filled with remorse that they had doubted him, they exclaim over their dullness and confusion, that had allowed the prevailing opinions to influence them. They never get tired of rehearsing his words, and often repeat his conversations.
Luke 17:20-22,   *John 1:14

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