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Know God in a Year #166 Disappointment

Jesus longs to go to Mary and Martha. But if he goes, Lazarus won’t die. The Holy Spirit guides him to wait for a greater good. Sad that their faith in him will be severely tested, Spirit convinces him that his disciples and unbelieving Israel need this last glorious confirmation of his Messiahship.
So he sends Spirit to console the sisters. And he allows Satan to exercise his power.
The sisters are surprised when the messenger returns without Jesus, but are comforted by his message, and watch to see Lazarus improve. When he dies, and they bury him without Jesus, they are heart-broken. Knowing he could have saved him, they question why he didn’t come.
When you’re waiting on God, the time of greatest discouragement is when His help is nearest. If you hang on to trusting Him, you will look back at the darkest part with thanks.*
When Jesus gets close to Bethany, he hears the mourners, and sends a message to Martha, who immediately goes to meet him.
Her heart full of conflicting emotions, she greets him, “Lord, if you’d been here, he wouldn’t have died.” She doesn’t want to blame, but she must speak the truth they both know, and the pain in her heart.
“Your brother will live again,” Jesus responds reassuringly.
“I know he will in the resurrection.”
“I AM the resurrection. Do you believe this?”
“I believe God will give you whatever you ask,” Martha affirms. “And I believe you are the Messiah, the Son of God come into our world.” And she runs to get Mary.
John 11:17-27  *1Peter 1:6-7,  2Peter 2:9, 2Corinthians 7:10

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