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Know God in a Year #91 Real Faith

A Roman Centurion approaches the Jewish elders. His servant has palsy and is dying. (Today’s Parkinson’s?) The officer loves his servant and begs the elders to ask Jesus to heal him, feeling unworthy to ask, he thinks they will know best how to approach their Messiah.

Typically, Roman servants were property and treated cruelly. But this Roman has character and has been impressed that the Jews’ religion is superior to his own. He’s heard of Jesus’ words and healings and the need in his heart responds.

A delegation meets Jesus as he enters Capernaum after his sermon on happiness. They urge him to fill the Centurion’s request because “He is worthy–he loves our nation.” Jesus sets out for the Centurion’s home, but moves slowly because of the crowd.

The Centurion sends another message, “Don’t trouble yourself to come to my home,” and then shortly goes to Jesus himself to finish the message. He presses through the people to reach Jesus, saying,

“I am not worthy to come to you, but I am a man under authority and I understand power. Just give the command and my servant will be well. For I myself give commands and they happen.” He perceives in Jesus the divinity and power of the universe.

Jesus turns to those following and with wonder says, ” I haven’t seen faith like this in all of Israel!” Turning back to the Centurion, he says, “As you have believed, so it will be.”

And so it was. Going home, he found a healthy servant.

Matthew 8:5-13 , Luke 7:1-10

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