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Know God in a Year #22 You Didn’t Notice? Really?

The events of this story make it easy to see what kind of child Jesus was.
I doubt Mary and Joseph are negligent parents, but how can they not notice that Jesus isn’t with them? They obviously don’t worry about him sneaking off, or getting distracted and wandering away. It almost sounds like they take him for granted, until needed. Or think of him as an adult.
Caught up in the excitement and the company of their friends, quite probably rushing to leave, they don’t realize that Jesus has stayed behind. They trust him; he has never given them cause to worry, and they assume he is with the other kids in their group.
When they begin to set up camp that evening, he isn’t there helping as usual, and they begin looking for him.
Imagine how they berate themselves, and perhaps each other, for not noticing, not checking, for assuming he would take care of himself.
Evil whisperings from the dark side remind them of how Herod had tried to kill him as an infant. Fear and failure grab Mary’s heart. I’ve let God down! How could I do this?
Loaded with guilt and anxiety they turn back to Jerusalem. Praying, they retrace a whole days steps, much of it in the dark. Poor parents! I don’t suppose they sleep much that night or the next.
Through inattention they lose Jesus in one day, and it takes three days of anxious searching to find him again.
That can happen to us, too; discouragement and anxiety come from inattention; assuming, or not desiring God’s presence. Not asking for the protection of angels. Choice is the universal permission.
Luke 2:43-45
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