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Know God in a Year #23 Finding Jesus

Joseph and Mary are frantic when they finally find Jesus on the third day. Why didn’t they think of the temple?

They find him sitting in the classroom conversing with the rabbis, opening their minds with his revealing questions, and they are amazed.

The priests and rabbis are caught off-guard by His innocence and authenticity. Unconsciously their minds open, and all hearing him “are amazed at his knowledge and understanding.” God is trying to open their minds to a new paradigm.

God had been teaching Jesus as he had watched the rituals, and he wanted to see if the priests and rabbis knew what he had learned.

What parent, relieved at finding a lost child, doesn’t after embracing him, scold him? And so does Mary.

But Jesus’ response, “Didn’t you know I’d be in my Father’s house?” is a startling question that implies they should have known where he would be, and that he knows who he is–Israel’s Messiah, the Son of God.

Jesus’ words, at 12, hint that he had done what he was supposed to while they had not. A parallel is here: our main work is to notice when we are going about our lives without Him.

What transformation would come to us, and into our lives, if we spent an hour meditating on His life everyday! Our hearts are softened and lifted as we are drawn to the character of total love in our God who is wild about us. From this time, well-spent in awe, we would do less but accomplish more.

Luke 2:45-51

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