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Know God in a Year #33 The Winning App

So, evil comes to us at our weakest. When we are tired, stressed, frustrated, fearful, or grieving, the dark side comes with their suggestions. They blame us or God; accuse Abba of evil or neglect. We are tempted to break with Ruach who allows this ____ to happen.

The on-looking universe cheered wildly as Jesus won, proving it is better to suffer than to doubt Abba’s care. They’ll cheer for you, too! If you know God’s way; do it, even if it’s hard. You have a fandom! And you’ll get to see Ruach act, but you may have to wait.

Earth’s final exam will be over trusting God when everything goes wrong, separating the real faithful from posers.*

A test on appetite is not just about food, it’s about everything we think we need to be happy. By ourselves we can’t hope to deny the urges and desires of our broken selves. But we can choose the happiness of trust and His presence, even in suffering, just because we can. And because God is worth it.

Jesus knew that every weakness of ours would be used to advantage by the dark side. He doesn’t want us disadvantaged in this cosmic war between good and evil. He says “Be confident I have overcome the world.” Claim His win! It’s yours for the choosing!**

When harassed, don’t look at your circumstances or your weakness, but to the power of God’s word. “By the word of Your lips I have kept myself from the paths of the Destroyer.”***

*Habakkuk 3:17-18,  Isaiah 33:16,  Psalm 37:19,  Rev 13:11-17  **John 16:33  Isaiah 50:7-10  ***Psalm 17: 4 (NKJV)

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