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Know God in a Year #37 “Messiah is Here!” John says 3 Times!

John hasn’t seen Jesus for over five weeks–since he baptized Him. Almost impatiently he has waited for Jesus to declare himself the Messiah or give some sign to the people, but nothing.

Finally, as scribes question, he sees Him among the crowd: pale, thin, haggard, even.

John alone recognizes the Messiah, and he can’t help himself, it’s as if he has no control; his face lights, his eyes spark with recognition, his arms reach up, and he announces, “I baptize with water, but the One is among you who comes after me. He baptizes with fire…”

He is confident that Jesus will do something, give some sign, but no. Jesus is lost in the crowd.

Priests and rulers look around–the message is unmistakable–Messiah is among them! But they see no one unusual.

The following day Jesus comes, and again John feels Ruach take over. Once again his face lights and his hands outstretch. “Look! This is the one I told you about, the One the Spirit told me about…the Son of God.”

The people look. They believe John. They are moved by his words. But could this poor, worn-looking man be the Messiah? Really?

As they look at Jesus, they see compassion and humility blended with conscious power and almost unbelievable love.

The next day John, again spots Jesus among his listeners, and the third time Ruach takes control and he says, “Behold the Lamb of God!”

Two of John’s disciples, Andrew and John, respond. Irresistibly drawn, they follow when Jesus leaves.

John 1:26-37

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