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Know God in a Year #38 The Thrill of Discovery

Jesus’ waits for Abba to lead through Ruach.

Two followers of John hear his endorsement and follow Jesus home–spending the afternoon.

Then one of them, Andrew, gets his brother Peter.

The next day Jesus calls Phillip, who has been praying with Nathanael for Messiah’s coming.

Phillip runs to Nathanael, “We have found HIM! Jesus of Nazareth.”

Nathanael’s bias shows, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?”

“Come and see,” says Phillip.

Jesus flips Nathanael’s prejudice as they walk up, “Look,” he says to his companions, “an Israelite who has no deceit.”

Nathanael is impressed. “How do you know me?” he asks.

“I saw you under the fig tree before Phillip called you.”

Nathanael is blown away–convinced. But Jesus says, “You believe because of that? Just wait…” He is filled with joy thinking of the freedom and healing he is about to bring to those believing him.

Though skeptical, Nathanael has an honest desire. Spirit had spoken to him under the fig tree–and now, through Jesus words. If Nathanael had trusted the rabbis to point out the Messiah, he would have missed him. But he comes to see for himself.

God guides guidable people who are asking for guidance. If you seek, you will find.* God hears your prayers too.

Notice that Jesus’ disciples weren’t told to call others; they couldn’t not share their excitement–their great news!

Jesus saw their joy, and was strengthened to do this suffering phase of ministry knowing the delight it would bring to us. He glimpsed Isaiah’s prophecy: the poor receive good news, the brokenhearted are consoled, the captives of Satan are set free.**

John 1:35-51  *Matthew 7:7  **Hebrews 12:2  Isaiah 61:1

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