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Know God in a Year #39 Boundaries are Healthy

Jesus’ mother also knew of John’s ministry; she remembered his birth and the prophecies about him. She wondered… but was glad to have Jesus with her, especially after Joseph’s death.

Such mixed feelings come when he kisses her good-by to go find John.

Now she hears of his baptism and that he hasn’t been seen since. She longs for word that he is OK. It helps to be involved in the wedding relatives are planning.

Then she gets word–he will be at the wedding! Can he bring friends?

Overjoyed, she can’t wait to see him again!

At the wedding they embrace, the bond between them as strong and tender as ever. But he is different, not just worn and thin, but with an understated power.

She loves listening to his friends share their experiences. They are convinced they have found the Messiah. Secretly, with a mother’s love, she hopes there will be an opportunity for him to work a miracle, to prove himself as the Messiah.

And then it happens. A server says to her “How embarrassing! They are out of wine.”

Seeing her opportunity, she immediately goes to Jesus and tells him, hoping he will supply it.

His reply, “Your concern is not mine; it’s not time yet,” recalls to her mind another response when He was 12.* Again he respectfully sets a boundary. He knows what she wants, but she is not in charge of proving his identity or his ministry. God is in command, and she must recognize that she no longer has control.

John 2:1-4  *Luke 2:49

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