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Know God in a Year #40 Expectations and Boundaries

Jesus’ boundary for his mother, “This is not my concern, nor my time,” were about her expectation, not her request.

Everyone expected the Messiah to set up his kingdom then. His words address this expectation–it is not time to be king. They don’t understand that first Jesus has to show the universe God’s love, and that separation from God (Love) causes death. God doesn’t want anyone to die.

But Jesus gets the “go-ahead” from his Father, Abba, to honor his mother’s faith, and responds to her belief in him, for her and for his followers whose faith and joy will soon confront the painful unbelief and opposition of their religious leaders.

Mary has taken no offense, and tells the servants, “Do whatever he says.”

As to the wine, Jesus has the servants fill six huge jars with water and then take some to the caterer, who goes to the bridegroom and says “Most people serve their best wine first, but you have kept the best until last.”

Without refrigeration, fresh juice was only available shortly after grape harvest. The rest was stored–fermented. This was a spring wedding, so “new wine,” as fresh juice was called, would be a surprise.*

Guessing that Jesus doesn’t contradict his own advice in scripture by creating old wine, the miracle is all the more awe-inspiring.”**

Don’t miss the symbolism, Jesus’ gifts are always fresh and new, adding value, not turning on you, as do “gifts” or pleasures from the other side.

John 2:5-11  *Isaiah 65:8  **Proverbs 20:1, Genesis 9, Numbers 6, Judges 13, Daniel 1,

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