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Know God in a Year #41 First Event a Wedding?

Who would have thought that Jesus’ first public appearance, after being announced Messiah, would be to attend a wedding!

His plan to show what God was like consisted of coming and being with us as a man; but his first event, a wedding? his first miracle, blessing human joy? How unreligious!

Religious leaders at that time were focused on keeping themselves from being defiled. What a contrast! They considered themselves too holy to mingle with the commoners, especially the lower class. Compassion, hospitality, joy were not their focus.

Yet this is exactly where Jesus starts communicating God–mingling with guests at a wedding, providing more than is needed.

All of religion’s rules and regulations had caused people to stop thinking and acting for themselves. Minds had become cramped and narrow. But Jesus comes as one who cares, who listens, who talks, who celebrates with people.

Imagine growing up with religion as rules, and then getting the message God cares what you think and feel; God loves your happiness! Wow!

After expressing excitement over the new wine, people begin looking for him. He has quietly withdrawn and the disciples get to share their own personal experience, their faith that he is the long-anticipated Messiah.

Jesus reaches hearts so he can free minds and enlarge both. He is full of life and love and laughter. He wants us to show that our hearts have been refreshed by knowing Him, that our actions are full of the light of God’s love for us, that we are not self-absorbed, but enjoy sharing our blessings with others.

John 2:9-11,  Isaiah 62:5,  Zephaniah 3:17

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