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Know God in a Year #43 The Power of Choice is All-Powerful

The same commanding voice that made Mt. Sinai quake, now rings through the temple, “Get these things out of here!” Once again the people tremble.

The priests and vendors rush to get away. The cords in his hand seem like a terrible scourge even though no one is hit. The racketeers leave their money trying to get out of His presence, stumbling over each other, their guilt driving them.

With an energy and a command never before seen in Him, Jesus turns over the tables of the money changers and coins ring on the marble. The disciples are transfixed, dumfounded. They see divinity flash through this normally mild-mannered man, and they remember the scripture, “Zeal for Your house consumes me.”*

No one questions His authority. The presence that sanctified Mt. Sinai has cleared and sanctified the temple built in His honor.

Jesus announces himself as the Messiah with action that speaks to us. He comes to clean the temple of the heart. God designed every created being from archangels to humans to be a temple for His Spirit. His Presence is the only force strong enough to change the programming and desires that ruin and contaminate our minds, hearts, and bodies. His Presence is true worship.

However, he will not force His entrance. He is respectful. He says, “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears and opens it, I will come in…” Our choices will be honored. The power of choice is all-powerful.**

John 2:15-17   *Psalm 69:9   **Revelation 3:20

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