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Know God in a Year #44 After Cleansing Comes True Worship

Finally the terrified priests and temple officers regain their composure and return to the temple.

What a difference they find! The temple is now filled with the praise of the healed. The blind see Jesus face, the deaf hear his voice, the mute shout his praise–the first healings of his ministry. Smiling children come and press in to touch him, eager to be noticed.

The priests are angry, embarrassed that they ran from a poor carpenter. For moments they are convicted and see themselves and their actions clearly; Jesus has given evidence that he is Messiah, fulfilling prophecies they know–the Holy Spirit bringing them to mind. But they choose to take offense, and with hate growing, they come back to question his authority.

They push away their convictions about him as this scene of true worship with its joy and thanksgiving, its hope and peace, confronts them.

“What authority do you have? Show us a sign,” they demand. (As if he hasn’t!)

“Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it,” Jesus answers with a parable, exposing their hatred.

He doesn’t intend for them to understand that he speaks of his body, but he knows his words will be repeated by them and his believers, and will be carried to many countries. After he has risen from death, these words will be remembered and understood.

He protects his disciples who aren’t ready to understand the pain and the power ahead. His death will destroy their dreams and their sacrificial system, and conquer the powers of darkness.*

John 2:18-22   *Colossians 2:15

Now on You Tube as The Desire of Hearts

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