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Know God in a Year #45 A True Seeker

Nicodemus was wealthy, educated, and  talented. An honored member of the Sanhedrin and a man of influence, he found himself drawn to this poor Galilean.

He had been concerned about the racketeering, and was there when Jesus cleared the temple. Secretly moved with gratitude, he had watched the people come and be healed; he saw their joy and heard their words, and his heart was lifted.

He had studied the prophecies again. A conviction was growing: He must be the Messiah! But he wasn’t ready to endorse Jesus. While most of the priests and rulers hated Jesus for his boldness, he and others in the Sanhedrin warned about their history of killing prophets and fighting against God. They knew they were under Roman rule because of rejecting reproofs sent by God, and they advocated caution.

Nicodemus greatly wants to talk with Jesus one on one. To avoid ridicule he secretly inquires, and goes to Jesus at his night retreat while the city sleeps.

Finding Jesus on Mount Olivet, he means to compliment him by calling him a “teacher sent by God.” But he does not recognize him as–the Messiah, exposing his fear and unbelief.

Jesus knows Nicodemus has come to play it safe and discuss safe things, like theory or doctrine, so he cuts straight to the heart of his need. Kindly, but with breath-taking directness, he honors him as a true seeker.

John 3:1-3

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