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Know God in a Year #48 The Results of One Night with Messiah

Nicodemus leaves Jesus a changed man.

He begins reading scripture in a new way–not for discussing, but for knowing God–for receiving life, relationship, love.

Right at the beginning of his ministry, Jesus gives a detailed outline of His mission to a respected teacher of the Sanhedrin. Never again does He lay out such a complete picture of the process of choice and transformation that takes place in one who believes.

The best-known scripture, “God so loved the world that He gave His only born son…” (John 3:16) was spoken to Nicodemus, who told John, much later, about his visit with Jesus that night.

If you’ve never read John 3; verses 17-21 are rich but not often quoted. God made himself into a “Son of Man” (Jesus’ favorite title) and came to cancel the curse of the law of sin and death. God didn’t have a son so He could condemn us, but to rescue and restore us.*

The problem is that we don’t all want to be rescued, and that is what Jesus shared with Nicodemus. He says, “Here is the condemnation: No one likes to be corrected, but everyone who loves darkness hates The Light and will not come to it to be healed…”

From the Sanhedrin Nicodemus protected Jesus as long as he could, and after His ascension, when Jesus’ followers became a scorned and persecuted religion, Nicodemus was there, like a rock, with his money and influence. He was happy to become materially poor so that he might become truly rich.

John 3:16-21, *see also John 12:47 and Romans 7-8:1

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