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Know God in a Year #49 Jealousy

John’s popularity is waning, and Satan sees an opportunity to stir up rivalry. So some rabbis “notice” to John’s disciples that Jesus’ crowds are growing, while John’s are dwindling daily. “Why should Jesus’ disciples baptize?” they ask. “That’s John’s thing.”

Upset and defensive, John’s disciples ask him if he is aware that Jesus’ disciples are baptizing–that Jesus is stealing their show.

John is human, open to their suggestions, their feelings. But he chooses to live on a higher plane, above rivalry and jealousy.

“A man can only have the honor God gives him,” he says. “Jesus is from heaven, and I am not.”

Then he helps them understand. “I am the friend of the groom bringing his bride to him. Now my job is over, and I rejoice at his happiness. He must increase, but I must decrease.”

John knows himself–the result of knowing God intimately. God wants that relationship with you, too. Besides giving self-worth and Identity, it makes you emotionally bullet-proof. Hurt feelings won’t destroy you.*

John ends with, “He is the only one who has the Spirit without measure. If you aren’t attracted to Him, God’s wrath is all there is.” In other words, God wants Their love to attract you, if you aren’t attracted, He can only let you go. He won’t force us.

“God’s wrath” is defined in scripture as “letting go” of us. He doesn’t torture us; He lets us have our way. We destroy ourselves by rejecting our Source.**

John 3:22-36   *2 Corinthians 7:10, Romans 8:28   **Many scriptures define God’s wrath as God letting us have our way, or giving us over to the enemy, (over 30 in Isaiah and Jeremiah, and Romans chapter 1 has three).

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