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Know God in a Year #61 The Long Answer of Experience

John’s disciples come to Jesus and ask, “Are you the One? Or should we look for another?”

Jesus doesn’t answer immediately. He understands, but it’s still disappointing that the one man who recognized him, announced him as the Messiah, should now question. So he lets them watch and experience His ministry.

They wonder why he doesn’t answer. They see blind ones receive sight and look lovingly at Jesus. They experience the rejoicing of deaf ones hearing him, the leaping of the crippled, the restoring of the dying, and the clearing of insanity from demon-possessed eyes.

At the end of the day, he calls John’s disciples, saying, “Go tell John what you have seen; the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the dead are raised, Satan’s captives are freed, and happy is he who is not offended in Me.”

They leave to take John their message. Jesus turns to the people and gives John the ultimate compliment on his integrity, “…There is none greater than he.”

John hears Jesus’ word for him, and it is enough.

Angels open his mind to understand Isaiah and Elijah: as God was not in the wind, earthquake, or fire, but in the still small voice; so Jesus’ work is not the overthrowing of armies, but speaking God’s character to hearts, letting mercy and self-giving love transform.* An ah-ha moment.

Now John can rest, accepting either life or death for the cause he loves, realizing that Jesus will not be accepted and can win only the hatred of the rulers because they are wanting a different Messiah. Sad, but reassuring.

Luke 7:24-30,  Matthew 11:7-15   *Isaiah 61:1-2,  1 Kings 9:11-12

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