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Know God in a Year #62 When Revenge was Not Sweet

Herod’s wife, Herodias, wants revenge. John has raised Herod’s conscience to a new level and ruined her life.

She had been successful in getting Herod to put John in the dungeon, but she knew Herod wanted to release him, and now her husband often goes and talks with him–downstairs. She begins scheming to rid herself of John’s influence. It becomes a passion.

Herod’s birthday is coming, and she plans a huge event inviting all his dignitaries, even asking her beautiful daughter to dance.

The day comes, the guests feast, the wine flows, Herodias waits. When she is sure Herod has drunk enough to affect his judgment, her daughter dances. It’s a huge compliment to Herod; he is pleased and vows to give her whatever she asks.

Overwhelmed, the girl goes to her mother, who is ready with her ghastly request–and the girl is shocked. But her mother is queen, and so, as in a dream she asks for the baptist’s head.

Herod is horrified, but too drunk to think. He waits for someone to object, to release him from his oath made to impress his guests; but silence reigns. They are stupified by alcohol as well, and Herod gives the order that ends John’s life.

His disciples come, take John’s body, and bury it in a tomb. In pain they go tell Jesus. Satan is happy to bring pain to Jesus; even risking his own involvement getting clearer to the watching universe.

Herodias gets her revenge, but it’s not sweet. Herod is more tormented by guilt after John’s death, than he ever was in his life.

Matthew 14:1-12,  Mark 6:16-27

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