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Know God in a Year #64 The “I Know” Mind

When people think they know you, it can prevent really knowing you.

Jesus had grown up among the people of Nazareth, they had watched him develop from childhood, so they were resistant to seeing him as anything but “the carpenter’s son.” They’d heard about his miracles, and were hoping for some.

But there was another problem: when the Spirit moves on hearts, as He does when Jesus speaks, the effect either softens them or hardens them, depending on the response of the heart-owner.

And so it is when he comes again to Nazareth.

He goes with his mother, brothers and sisters to the synagogue on Sabbath, and is asked to read from Isaiah.

He chooses the first few lines of the passage, “The Spirit of the Lord has anointed me to preach the goodness of God to the poor…deliverance to captives…healing to broken hearts…recovery of sight to the blind…liberty to the oppressed…and the year of the Lord’s favor.”*

Their hearts open to his graciousness and authority, and they respond with praises under the influence of God’s Spirit.

Then he announces, “Today, this scripture is fulfilled in your presence…”

He continues, “but surely you want proof…so take Elijah and the widow, or Elisha and Naaman.”

Suddenly they realize, He is talking about himself! He’s the Messiah? We need deliverance? sight? healing?…

Satan is determined, feeding resistance.

Comparing us with Gentiles! Who does he think he is? Claiming the glory of the Messiah for himself! We know him! He is no more than a carpenter’s son!

Their hearts, momentarily softened and opened by Spirit’s graciousness, are now slammed shut harder by doubt.

Luke 4:16-23

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