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Know God in a Year #65 Questioning Beliefs can be Healthy

The church service breaks up and the people, inflamed by their self-importance, grab Jesus and take him out of town to the edge of a cliff intending to throw him over, (the first step in a stoning), when suddenly they can’t find him. His guardian angels step in and hide him. He has disappeared!

That should have opened their minds if the love that surrounded him didn’t. They were well aware that around them entire villages didn’t have a sick person in them because Jesus had been there.

They didn’t want a merciful God, they wanted a powerful One–and special favors.

Receiving depends more on responding to the light given, than the amount we already have. Those who don’t know God, but choose the right as far as they see it, are sometimes better off!* The illustrations he used, of Gentiles being healed and honored, roused their pride and conflicted with their beliefs of superiority.

Rather than challenging their beliefs, they challenged him. They weren’t interested in joyful service to a loving God. They wanted to be right. They weren’t about to question their teachers or their creed, or to ask God for truth. So they sided with the Destroyer–who took control of them.

One more time, at the end of his ministry, Jesus visited Nazareth, reluctant to give them up, he again appealed to them, but only a few responded. They didn’t believe their Messiah could be this poor carpenter they “knew”, not realizing that real greatness is internal, not needing external display.

Luke 4:23-30  *Romans 2:14-15

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