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Know God in a Year #66 More than Enough

The sun is just beginning to make streaks across Galilee when Jesus walks down by the lake hoping for some time alone with God.  But already people are coming to him. So much that there is hardly room for him!

Peter has been fishing all night–the only time net-fishing could really be done in the clear water of Galilee. He is coming ashore and Jesus asks if he may use his boat to sit in and teach from.

Finally after teaching, he dismisses the people, and turns to Peter, “Launch out and let down your net,” he says.

Peter is tired and discouraged. He has fished all night with no catch, and during those long, lonely hours he thought about John the Baptist, about the opposition from the leaders against Jesus… How could he hope, how could they hope, for anything better…? It had been a relief to return to fishing again.

Now Jesus is saying ‘Go fishing’ in the day time? It’s crazy!

But he is respectful, saying, “We’ve fished all night, and caught nothing, but if you say so…” And out they go.

They no more than put the net in the water and it is full. So full, that pulling it in, the net made of rope starts to break.

They yell for James and John to come help, and fill both boats to the point of sinking. Heading for shore, it hits Peter who Jesus really is. Peter knows fishing. This miracle impresses him above all the others–Jesus can call fish into his nets!

Luke 5: 1-7,  Matthew 4:18-22,  Mark 1:16-20

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