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Know God in a Year #68 How to be Chosen by God

Jesus chose men of natural talent as followers, men who weren’t full of tradition and false self or false theories. Jesus could teach them because they were teachable and open-minded.

He wasn’t against education. When controlled by love, intellect is a blessing. But the educated in his time and culture were generally so self-focused and bigoted, they couldn’t be taught.

Education is more than knowledge; it is the connection of mind with mind transferring impulses–vital energy. Jesus’ heart inspires hearts. What a privilege to be in Jesus’ presence daily for three years!

John, “the disciple Jesus loved”, or literally: “the disciple Jesus kept on loving” (at John’s amazement)* gave himself, more than the others, to the influence and love of Jesus. But all of them grew to be like Him.  Everyone could see that these fishermen had been with Jesus.

In the same way, if you deny your limiting beliefs, and invite the working of Ruach, submitting to the necessary discipline without complaining, God will teach you.

He longs to show us His love. We only have to remove the distractions. Our helplessness, weakness, reactivity, and fear can become His strength and beauty. Our controlling, my-way attitudes can become teachable. There are no limits for one who puts aside his own agenda and continually opens himself to Ruach.

Through constant contact, turning to Him again and again, you will have broader perspectives, better-balanced thinking, and clearer perceptions.

The highest education is the one obtained in Jesus’ presence. If you want to enroll, He will come to you.

John 1:16-17,  1John 1:1-5,  1John 4:12-18   *John 13:23

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