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Know God in a Year #72 Need

Jesus leaves the synagogue crowd, still awestruck, and goes home with Peter for rest. When they arrive, Peter’s mother-in-law is sick with a “great fever”– a manifestation of Satan’s rage? Jesus heals her, she gets up and helps serve lunch to him and his friends!

Word spreads, and at sundown, crowds of sick and possessed people are at Peter’s door. They didn’t dare come on Sabbath–fearing church authorities.

Sadly, the church leaders are in more danger than the demon-possessed man because they feel no need. They don’t value scripture because they study it to support their views and traditions. They deny its truth and power leaving them unchanged and powerless against Satan.

Jesus uses scripture to learn who he is, who God is, who Satan is and defeat him.

God isn’t into control, and will not control our minds; but if we want truth, we are promised we will know what is true, and the truth will set us free.*

Jesus heals people late into the night. Hour after hour they come, and he responds to their need, happy to restore so many to health and happiness.

Finally, the long exciting day is done, Peter’s house is quiet. Jesus sleeps too, but waking “a great while before day” he goes outside, needing recharging and direction in time alone with God even more than sleep.

Peter goes out and finds him before breakfast–already people have come, “Everyone’s asking for you.” But Jesus isn’t satisfied to be a wonder-worker. He wants people to see who God is. So he says, “Let’s leave– take our message on the road.”

Mark 1:29-39,  Matthew 8:14-16,  Luke 4:38-44   *John 7:17, 8:32

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