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Know God in a Year #75 Forgiven

A paralyzed man in Capernaum is completely helpless and dying. Friends tell him of the healing power of Jesus, but he doubts Jesus would want him in his presence. He knows his illness came from his sin and so refuses hope.

Finally, his friends convince him to let them carry him to Peter’s house where Jesus is teaching.

When they get there, the crowds are so large and dense they can’t get near Jesus. They attempt to push through in different places, but can’t.

Hope rises in him feeling this close to Jesus. If he could just tell me I’m forgiven! he thinks. It would be enough.

Now motivated, he suggests they go up to the roof and break up the tiles of earth, and let him down in front of Jesus.

What friends! They actually do it! Tear up Peter’s roof! Debris and dust falling on those below. Imagine Peter’s surprise! It’s a wonder he didn’t say something.

But Jesus is not disturbed. Ruach has shown him this man’s desire to be forgiven; drawing him to Jesus who understands this need.

“Son, you’re free, your sins are forgiven,” He says to the man.

Relief floods the paralyzed man, who rests on his stretcher, serene and happy, his face glowing.

The Rabbis, who pronounced God’s curse with the diagnosis, are there watching, and exchange he-can’t-forgive-sin glances, thinking, This is blasphemy! Only God can forgive sins; something must be done!

Many diseases begin in guilt, shame, and worry. Jesus heals his mind and then his body, destroying Satan’s work.*

Luke 5:17-23,  Mark 2:1-9  *1John 3:8

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