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Know God in a Year #76 The Plot Thickens


Jesus fixes his gaze on the rabbis and doctors of law sitting near. They shrink as he speaks their thoughts and says, “Why do you think evil of me? Do you think it’s easier to say ‘arise and walk,’ or ‘your sins are forgiven’? But just so you know that Messiah has power on earth to forgive sins,” he turns to the paralytic and says, “Get up, take your bed and go home.”

The paralyzed man would have been satisfied with forgiveness, but realizing he is free of pain, he springs up, every nerve and muscle responding perfectly. He picks up the stretcher they had carried him on as if it’s nothing, involuntarily exclaiming, “Praise God!” with every step.

As the crowd parts for him to pass. they whisper in awe to each other, “This is amazing!” “We’ve never seen anything like this before!”

The Pharisees see their coldness and haughtiness in contrast to the tender gentleness of Jesus, his unaffected dignity; and their hatred grows. They are losing influence. The clearer it becomes that they are in the presence of a superior being, the more resolute their determination to kill him.

They can’t appreciate that Jesus has come “to destroy the works of the devil,” because they are taking part in the devil’s work.*

Wasting Leprosy, paralysis, or any other disease is not as bad as the hardening of heart and mind that comes from unbelief and prejudice. God’s presence will soften or harden us, depending on our attitude.

Matt 9:1-8, Luke 5:24-26,  Mark 2:10-12   *1John 3:8

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