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Know God in a Year #77 An Outcast is Included

The Jews hated those of their own race who worked for Rome, especially the tax collectors. Not only were they continually reminded of their subservient status by “these traitors,” but they were cheated by them.

Such was Matthew. He had heard Jesus teach, and his heart had opened to Him. He had wished for Jesus’ help with no thought that it could ever happen.

Soon after, he is sitting at his booth and sees Jesus and his four followers coming. He is more than surprised when Jesus stops, leans over, looks straight into his eyes and says “Follow me.”

Immediately, he gets up and follows. No thought causing hesitation. He doesn’t care what he loses. He is excited to be with Jesus.

Everyone is privileged to decide between his way and God’s way. We can be in control of our own lives, or live daily in Jesus’ presence.

But the first six disciples, James, John, Peter, Andrew, Philip and Nathaniel are embarrassed. What is Jesus thinking? This will ruin any chance of acceptance by the rabbis!

The Pharisees intend to make the most of His scandalous choice, especially when Jesus attends a feast given in his honor.

Matthew is anxious to introduce his friends to Jesus, and of course, they are tax-collectors and other unsavory professionals. That Jesus accepts Matthew creates a sensation in their ranks and an eager interest to meet Him.

Jesus knew it would be political suicide to accept the invitation, but he is not influenced by politics, only by open hearts. So he goes.

Matthew 9:9-11,  Mark 2:14-15,  Luke 5:27–29

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