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Know God in a Year #84 A Chance to Change

Judas, son of Simon the Pharisee, presents himself among Jesus’ followers wanting to be in the inner circle, saying he will follow Jesus wherever he goes.

Jesus responds, “Foxes have holes, and birds have nests, but Messiah has no home of his own.”*

The disciples are surprised at Jesus’ indifference towards Judas, and urge Jesus to accept him because he will be good for their cause. They are impressed with him, a scribe, and his connections.

Judas is educated and has great ability. He is good-looking and his bearing commands respect, but Jesus knows his heart and character. Yet, as long as their is the smallest desire for light, He will not discourage him, and He accepts his offer, knowing he will betray Him.

Often Judas feels his motives and heart are an open book to Jesus, he feels the teaching hit its mark, but he hardens himself against it. He believes he knows better than Jesus.

Pride, greed, and revenge keep him stuck in old habits and thoughts. He doesn’t surrender to Jesus’ transforming love, and the opportunity he is given–immersed in God’s presence for two years–becomes his undoing.

Jesus’ acceptance of him shows God’s fairness, giving Judas the chance to be changed by Jesus’ love and influence. Denying Judas a place, would have made the disciples question their teacher’s wisdom. Judas’ story will teach them that appearances and abilities don’t necessarily promote God’s work.

God takes men as they are and grows them if they are willing to be changed. Judas didn’t let Jesus love him.

*Matthew 8:19-20

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