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Know God in a Year #85 The Healing Power of Love

All of the disciples had negative traits, each of them different. But God takes us, broken as we are, and makes us channels of Their love and goodness to others.


Before our creation, the Godhead had decided that if somehow man was overcome by Their enemy, man must be the channel to show God’s love to man. One of them would become a man, show that man could live connected to God, even here, and repair the separation. Then the work would pass to us.

As receivers of God’s mercy and grace, we cooperate with angels, who watch and wait for our choice with an eagerness we cannot imagine. They wait for our surrender to God so they can speak God’s love through our voices.

But even though angels are God’s messengers, they were not given the work of reaching humans for Them. We, weak and fallible with all of our brokenness, are the instruments of choice.

Even John, whose heart was the most open, was naturally revengeful, critical, combative, proud and ambitious for the first place in Messiah’s kingdom. But as he watched Jesus, he was more and more impressed by his tenderness and gentle dignity, his patience under attack, the love that flowed from him to the most despicable and rejected humans.

God is delighted to show His transforming power through us by healing our brokenness, so that those broken like us can hope to heal also. It becomes obvious  to us and the on-looking universe that the power producing the transformation is God’s love.

2 Corinthians 4:7, Hebrews 2:14-18, 5:2

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