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Know God in a Year #86 How to be Happy

Jesus loved teaching the people out under the trees, on a green hillside, or by the lake, anywhere outside. This morning after choosing his core group of committed followers, he leads them and the people already coming, to a wide, level place on the mountain.

The disciples gather close expecting something special. They and the others long for national greatness, but Jesus gives them something better than conquering Roman armies. He gives them the basic principles of his kingdom. He doesn’t attack their errors or outline their wretchedness.

“Happy are those who recognize their spiritual poverty and feel their need,” he begins.

God can’t do anything for your recovery until you want it, see your weakness, and yield your will to Him. That’s the way freedom works. But when you admit your need, nothing is withheld–you have open access to His fullness.*

“Happy are those who mourn,” he continues, “for they shall be comforted.”

What? Sadness is good? Really?

Jesus is talking of the personal recognition Spirit brings up in us–the sadness at seeing our own ingratitude and our hardness of heart. When this brings mourning, it is not weakness, but strength that links us to God. Only when we accurately see ourselves can we choose healing and God can heal us. These tears are raindrops growing new graces, melting stony hearts.

And when you suffer from what this life gives you, don’t rebel or run away. He often works fastest and shows clearest in darkness. “Only admit your brokenness and run to Him…”**

(Jesus’ sermon continues tomorrow)

Matthew 5:1-4   *Isaiah 57:15   **Jeremiah 3:13,  Isaiah 61:3

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