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Know God in a Year #87 Choosing Happiness

“Happy are the meek,” Jesus continues. Meekness is being teachable. It is not poor self-image. It is being open to God, asking and accepting His guidance. It requires believing God loves you, which with its companion self-control, create the highest sign of nobility in God’s kingdom.

Even knowing he is the Messiah, and having the felt guidance of God, Jesus has nothing to prove, no false self to defend. He knows who he is.* This attitude proves our connection to heaven. If we trust God when we are hurt, instead of reacting naturally, God gets the chance to show His character through us.

“Happy are those who are hungry and thirsty for goodness–they shall be filled.” Those longing to know God, to have His character, are promised to be satisfied. Keeping your eyes fixed on God’s goodness, not the problems, lets Spirit work continuously. His love expands your mind and heart.

“Happy are the merciful for they shall have mercy.” If you are kind to others, kindness comes back to you from God; He teaches you mercifully.

“Happy are the genuine for they shall see God.” If you are pretending to be good–to get God’s approval–be careful. Falseness destroys our minds’ software–our sensitivity–keeping us from truly experiencing or understanding God.

“Happy are those who work for peace, “Jesus continues. Only God can plant true peace inside your mind and heart and keep it there. It is His gift for the asking. It erases conflict, anger, and worry. Make it a habit to ask.

Matthew 5: 5-9 *John 13:3

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