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Know God in a Year #92 Our Need Calls God

The Centurion is special, but not because he’s decked out in plumed helmet and Roman regalia, not because he’s an officer–a commander of Roman troops. Jesus celebrates his faith! He is one of the pure-in-heart, the genuine Jesus had just talked about.

Educated in Rome, and trained as a soldier, he knows little of the true God. But his heart recognizes God in the love of Jesus, and he is drawn to his kindness.

He doesn’t wait to see if the Jews will accept Jesus as the Messiah. When his need presents itself, he asks, even though he sees himself as an outsider, and not worthy of special gifts. He has confidence in the goodness of God which he sees in Jesus, and he acts.

Jesus is overjoyed and can’t help stopping to remark to the crowd. Not only does he commend his faith, but adds that the Centurion is a symbol of those from all other countries, all other religions, that will recognize God in Him and come take their places in his kingdom with Abraham and Isaac. This is exactly how everyone comes to God through Jesus.

Our helplessness is our greatest claim to the power of God. Our need makes His power a necessity, touching His heart of compassion.*

When Satan’s agents make you feel unworthy of God’s care or intervention, tell them that Jesus came into the world to save sinners–you don’t have to be perfect. You require no other recommendation to God than your great need, now or ever.**

*James 1:5  **1John 2:1-2

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