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Know God in a Year #94 Family Problems

Jesus’ brothers are indignant. They don’t believe he is the Messiah. His patience and kindness aren’t lost on them. But these stories! “He doesn’t take time to eat, spends whole nights in prayer, defies the Rabbis…”

“What will people think? Something must be done.” They urge their mother to help them do an intervention.

“Jesus will listen to you,” they say, convincing her to go to Capernaum… but a surprise awaits.

He has returned from two days in Galilee, and has just cast out a demon when they arrive.

His exorcism kindles anger from church leaders who accuse him of casting out demons by Satan, so He turns to them with logic.

“If I cast out Satan by Satan, his kingdom is doomed, but if you are speaking against God’s Spirit, beware.”

Jesus explains God’s boundary. “Every resistant word you speak, against even Messiah, can be forgiven, but resisting the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven because He gives you the desire for forgiveness.” Essentially, you cut off your heart from God, from help.

“Be careful, words have power,” says Jesus. “You create good or evil in your own hearts through words, thoughts, and choices.”

Jesus is told his family is asking for him.

He knows why, they want control; and he draws another boundary, stating that the closest tie to him is a chosen relationship of faith in God and acceptance of him as Messiah.

They understand his message–no control party today.

He likes being where his critical brothers aren’t. Sometimes His only relief from doubt and criticism comes in getting alone with God.

Matthew 12:22-50,  Mark 3:20-35

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