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Know God in a Year #96 Come

Most of those who followed Jesus were not critical like the Pharisees or His brothers. Some were just curious, but many were spiritually hungry, honest-hearted seekers. To them He said, “Come to me all you who work hard and carry heavy loads. I will give you rest.”

He wants all of us to feel loved, to rest in His love.

His invitation includes everyone–no exceptions: those who work for acceptance with God and carry a load of guilt, those who work to be loved and don’t feel good enough, and those who just plain work hard to produce a meager existence, and struggle to feel God’s care and believe His love.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all tired and weighed down. Disappointment and worry produce heaviness in us. The heaviest burden is separation from God. It would kill us if we were left to ourselves.

So Jesus uses a metaphor his followers see every day– cattle yoked together to make their work eaiser–to show how God wants our life with Him to feel and to work. He says, “Put on my yoke and learn from Me. I am easy to please, and you will find rest for your heart and mind. My yoke (work) fits your true self perfectly and feels good.”

Many “Christians” have anxiety and fear. They fear complete surrender, thinking they have to keep control. They shrink from imagined consequences of surrender to God, not fully understanding surrender to Love–that our ways bring unrest, where His ways are peace.

We can live in His smile and thrive.

Matthew 11:28-30

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