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Know God in a Year #97 What is God’s Will for Me?

Jesus explains his metaphor. God’s love is His yoke. Cattle were yoked together to keep them in step, in synch, make their pulling easier, more efficient, their work lighter.

Linked with Him, aware of His closeness, our lives become simple, satisfying, and rewarding.

His goodness will hold us and be enough. When challenges come, His presence and love surround us, giving rest. Studies show rest increases efficiency. Jesus invites us to rest in His love and care, trusting that God has our best interests at heart always.*

We create anxiety by being afraid to trust God. Worry is blind and can’t see the future, but Jesus can. Those who seek Him first, will see the way open up.**

For every difficulty, God has a plan to untangle the worst snarls you’ve created without embarrassment, including the challenges created for you.

Satan pushes you to protect yourself, to fear surrender to God, to trust only what you can see. But worry brings unrest–steals your energy.

Need wisdom? strength? healing? God is willing to supply. He has resources and ideas you can’t even imagine–a thousand ways to provide where you see none.

Trusting brings positive attitudes. Surrender makes you glad. Peace is in His presence.

The better you know Him, the more intense is your happiness. The more time you spend in His presence, the more bliss you will have, the more glory you will see.

He’s amazing to work for, and if you make Him your priority employer, you will see problems disappear, your way become clear.

*Exodus 33:14    **Isaiah 48:18    ***Psalm 147:3,4,  Colossians 2:3,9,10

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