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Know God in a Year #99 “Be Still”

(continued from yesterday…)

A huge wave crashes over the boat. Hope fails. Skill and strength are useless and the disciples’ boat fills with water.

Several of them are fisherman; their whole lives have been spent battling the storms of this lake, but they are losing this one. Fighting the wind and the waves, they forget Jesus is with them.

Suddenly they remember, but their cries to him are drowned by the shrieking wind. Has he abandoned them? A lightening flash reveals him peacefully sleeping. Waking him they say, “Don’t you care that we’re sinking? We’re about to die!”

Calmly he gets up, “Be still,” he speaks to the storm, holding up a hand as if to stop it. The wind dies, the waves drop.

He turns to them saying, “Why were you afraid? You still don’t have faith?”


They have no idea what just happened! They see only peace and love in his face. There is no fear in Jesus’ face because there is no fear in his heart.

In awe, they are  silent. Even Peter doesn’t attempt words for his feelings. But soon the juxtaposition of awe and terror releases in joyful laughter, and they say to each other, “What kind of man speaks to wind or water, and it obeys?”

It wasn’t his own power Jesus trusted. His Father’s power stilled the storm. Jesus rested because of his confidence in God’s care.

We, too, can have that peace! If we belong to God, He is with us, and there is no need to be afraid.*

Mark 4:38-41,   Matthew 8:25-27,   Luke 8:24-25    *Psalm 107:29-30,  Isaiah 32:17

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