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Know God in a Year #100 Of Pigs and Men

Dawn breaks as Jesus and his friends reach the other side of the lake. Sunrise kisses water and land with peace again.

They step onto land and the peace shatters. More scary than storms, two demon-possessed men rush at them.* Fragments of broken chains hang about them, their skin bleeding from cutting themselves, their eyes glaring behind long, matted hair.

The disciples scatter in terror, looking back to see Jesus right where they left him.

The two men approach him grinding their teeth, but Jesus raises his hand and they stop, helpless though raging.

“Leave them!” Jesus says with authority.

A demon speaks, “What do you want with me, Son of the Most High God? Don’t torment us before it’s time.” The men fall at his feet, realizing here is one who can help, but they are powerless to ask.

“What is your name?” Jesus asks.

“Legion, for we are many,” comes the reply. “Don’t send us from the country, allow us to go into the pigs over there.”

Not far away is a herd of pigs feeding. Jesus allows, and immediately the herd panics, runs over the cliff, down the mountainside into the lake, and drowns.

Their keepers run to the owners with their report, telling everyone they see. The whole town comes out in fear and finds sane, clothed men listening to Jesus where terrifying crazies used to be.

Frightened, they beg Jesus to leave and he does. He knows they are blinded by their loss, and immediately prepares to leave.

Matthew 8: 28-34,  Luke 8:26-37,  Mark 5: 1-17    *Matthew remembers two demoniacs, Peter remembers one. Otherwise their descriptions are very similar. Memory is subjective, so we went with the accountant’s number.

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