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Know God in a Year #101 Sent Away

The people of Gadara were engrossed in materialism–not interested in spiritual life. Jesus permitted the loss as a merciful way to refocus them, but fear has them now, and they ask Jesus to leave.

He understands. Loss, fear and the supernatural create superstition.

As he walks to the boat, the two healed men beg to go. They desperately want to be with him, knowing they are safe in His presence.

But Jesus sends them home. He knows their fear, but he also knows that in telling what He did for them they will be safe and grow strong.

They had only a few hours in His presence, only heard a few words, but they tell their experience to anyone who will listen. They go all over their country of  Decapolis.

Anyone can share spiritual gratitude, it keeps you safe in Jesus’ presence, and is effective. When Jesus comes back, thousands flock to him for three days, proving that evil can be used for good.*

To Decapolis and the universe, Satan is revealed as the destroyer, whose will for people ruins body, mind, and spirit, inciting us to selfishness, self-pity, evil, and violence.** Satan had planned to turn the people away from Jesus by destroying the pigs.

But Jesus shows that no one is so ruined that they can’t be restored to sanity and used by Him. Gadara needed a tutorial on priorities.

He doesn’t want you afraid of Satan’s plans either,*** even if learning it costs you 2,000 pigs.

Luke 8:35-39,  Mark 5:15-20,  Matthew 8:34,  Hebrews 2:14,  *Romans 8:28 ,  **Exodus 12:23, Hebrews 2:14    *** 2Timothy 1:7, James 4:7

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