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Know God in a Year #102 Focused Faith

Crowds await Jesus on the other side of the lake. Graciously he spends the afternoon talking with them and healing their sick. Then he heads to Matthew’s for a special dinner.

The ruler of the synagogue hears he is there, and desperately goes to him at Matthew’s after dinner, asking, “Please come and touch my daughter. She is dying.”

Immediately Jesus leaves with him.

The disciples are surprised at Jesus’ willingness; Jairus has recently been disdainful towards Jesus. But they and others follow.

Because of the crowd they move slowly and Jesus stops now and again to relieve suffering.

A woman who has suffered hemorrhaging for twelve years is outside Matthew’s house hoping to see Jesus. She has spent all her money on doctors, only to be told she’s incurable.

When she hears of Jesus’ miracles, she feels she has to find him. Believing he would heal her, she had struggled to the lakeside trying to reach him, but she couldn’t get close enough to ask. She, also, hears he will be at Matthew’s, and goes there, but can’t get to him this time either.

Then suddenly, here He comes through the crowd! Instantly Ruach prompts, and she thinks If I just touch his clothes, I’ll be well. She presses forward and reaches out as he passes, the faith of her whole life focuses in that one effort.

She does it! She touches his robe! Instantly pain and weakness leave her body!

Jesus stops. Jairus is anxious.

“Who touched me?” Jesus asks.

Peter is incredulous. “‘Who touched me?’ Master, everyone is touching you, what do you mean ?”

(continued tomorrow)

Luke 8:40-44,  Matthew 9:18-22,  Mark 5:21-30

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