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Know God in a Year #103 The Healing Power of Love

Peter and the others can’t believe Jesus has stopped. Jairus is impatient and nervous.

“I felt healing power leave me,” explains Jesus, “somebody touched me with purpose.”

The woman, joyfully realizing her healing, is trying to slip away, grateful and content. But seeing that isn’t possible, she comes forward tearfully telling the story of how she has suffered and hoped for healing.

Jesus gives her the moment with Him she has longed for. He also wants to stop and teach everyone that faith is a transaction: our belief in God’s goodness accesses His power; it isn’t magic in his person or clothes that healed her.

Our expression of His goodness is God’s chosen way to reveal Himself to our world.

Our praise is almost irresistible. He continually pours out blessings on us, and sends angels to protect us, but we mostly take all the goodness in life for granted, missing opportunities to express gratitude that would help us and those around us. God desires our praise to be personalized with our individuality.

Keeping a Remembrance journal–writing the things God does for us–would train our brains to be happier–more positive–and keep our hearts softer to recognize more love. (It takes ten to thirty seconds to anchor a feeling or thought and hardwire it. Bad things get much more time easily.)

Jesus takes the time to hardwire this woman’s healing, “Daughter, your faith has healed you, go in peace.”

True faith brings healing, vigor and confidence to it’s possessor.

Ingratitude and mindlessness harden our hearts (minds) into negative patterns.


Mark 5:30-34,  Luke 8:45-48,  Matthew 9:22

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