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Know God in a Year #104 What is Death?

Just then someone from Jairus’ house approaches. Jairus pales as he gets the message, “Your daughter has died. Don’t bother Jesus to come.”

Jesus overhears and reassures him, “Don’t be afraid,  just believe, and she will be all right.” He takes Jairus’ arm and picks up the pace.

Jairus has just seen someone healed by touching Jesus, he is faced with the choice to believe Jesus or give into fear and despair. With the stakes so high he presses closer to Jesus.

They soon arrive; the customary hired mourners have already begun their wailing to the mournful notes of flutes. Jesus cringes, saying, “Why are you carrying on like this? The girl is not dead but asleep.”

They are shocked at his seeming insensitivity, they know she is dead and nervously scoff and laugh at him.

With authority in his voice he requires, “Leave here at once.”

He leads her parents and Peter, James, and John into the girl’s room. Taking the dead girl’s hand, he speaks softly, “Little girl, I say to you arise.”

A  tremor passes through her body as her breath returns. Her lips smile and her eyes open as if from sleep, and the twelve-year-old looks wonderingly at the group around her bed. She sits up as her mother and father reach to hold her and weep for joy.

“Give her some food,” says Jesus before leaving. “And by the way keep this to yourselves.” He knows what a problem this will make for the church leaders–and then for him.

Luke 8:49-56,  Mark 5:35-43,  Matthew 9:23-25

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