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Know God in a Year #105 Experience is the Best Teacher

Jesus knows his disciples need some solo hours in their life’s work as his representatives. Up until now they have just been watching, assisting wherever they can. Going out on their own will give them experience for the future, while he is still here to encourage, counsel and correct.

His instruction is simple: “Preach ‘The kingdom of heaven is here’; heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons, raise the dead. Give as freely as you have received.”

So he sends them out friend with friend, brother with brother. Nobody is sent alone.

Jesus has modeled to rely on Scripture more than tradition. This will be difficult, but the experience will show them their need of God-dependence. And they will have each other for encouragement, balancing their weaknesses.

He tells them not to argue about whether he is the Messiah or not.  He says, “Don’t wear anything special, don’t take anything with you, accept the hospitality offered to you.” He tells them to go where they are welcome, where he has already been, paving the way for them.

He has been like a current of energy, diffusing life and joy wherever he went. Jesus spent more time healing than he did teaching. Hearts had been awakened to their need and were ready to respond.

Just like them, God calls us to show His true heart and character to others, feeding, clothing, comforting, healing and infusing the hopeless with hope. Hearts that harden under correction, will melt under love. Through us God desires to be known as The Comforter.*

Luke 9:1-6,  Matthew 10,  Mark 6:7-11   *Isaiah 58:8, 40:1

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