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Know God in a Year #106 Mission Impossible or So It Seems

Raise the dead? the disciples must have questioned!

Us? cast out demons? Surely you jest!

But the disciples, even though still rough around the edges, and still learning, know Jesus well enough to know when he is playing and when he isn’t. So they divvy up the towns and leave.

With every dusty step, they rehearse Jesus’ words, and remember especially the way he talked to people. Imagine their conversation:

“If we remember how Jesus does it, we can do this, right? He said we would be opposed by the kingdom of darkness!”

“But he also said all heavenly intelligence would support us, not to be afraid.”

“Yeah, he said, ‘Start the day with God, and you will have words when you need them. Don’t doubt. God understands your weakness’.”

“Even if we mess up?”

They have watched Jesus do battle, and marveled at his composure. How direct he was, and yet gentle when provoked by the teachers of the law.

The anger and accusations of church leaders were obviously sparked by the dark side. This had been so hard to understand at first. They had been raised to reverence their leaders, believing God was like them–severe and critical.

But Jesus, though always truthful, was also kind.  He never needlessly spoke a harsh word. Even when confronting, hard words were needed, they could hear tears in his voice.

He worked to lift us up, to be true to ourselves, and calls us to help others do it also.

Satan brings doubt, but God’s people need not fear man or Satan.

Matthew 10, Mark 6:7-12, Luke 9:1-6

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