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Know God in a Year #107 Rest in Correction

The disciples return having so much to share with Jesus, but they can hardly get a few words in without someone interrupting. People are coming and going, bringing their sick ones for healing; there isn’t even a chance to eat!

Jesus desires time alone with them, and suggests they go up to the uninhabited northern shore of the lake for much-needed rest and relaxation. It is spring and this deserted area is green and blooming, offering restful change from crowds and city. Here they can be alone and can share everything they are bursting to tell him.

Their intimate relationship with Jesus enables them to share failure and success. They are awed and excited that demons obeyed and left in Jesus name, that they had power over death and illness. They share their stories and ask him questions.

He is eager to hear their mistakes and weaknesses as well as their joys. He knows they need instruction and rest.

John’s disciples have joined Jesus also. During John’s life they had sided with the Pharisees, but now they have come to him needing comfort and understanding, and time alone with Jesus.

He wants them all to know that they must take time to relax and reflect. He models that their strength is not in themselves but in God, and they must have regular times of meditation and prayer.

Even Jesus’ correction revitalizes them with hope and courage! He builds people up, instructing his disciples and sharing how best to reach people, filling all with hope and courage.

Matthew 14:1,2,  Mark 6:30-32,  Luke 9:7-10

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