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Know God in a Year #108 The Compassionate Boss

Jesus’ disciples were putting everything into their work for the people, and Jesus knows they are physically and mentally exhausted. So he teaches them to rest; that God requires mercy for ourselves, not sacrifice. He is compassionate and has tender care for all in His service.

Jesus’ life demonstrated his need for alone time with God. Here he released the discouragement that stalked him, and here he found comfort and joy. In the one life that was totally dependent on God, and lived completely for the good of others, there was necessity for hours of time alone with God.

His disciples must also learn that success and ability come from God. They continually need to depend on their relationship with Him because Satan takes advantage of human weakness, especially our desire to get credit. The false self continually seeks honor.

Jesus doesn’t want us always under the stress of work–even good work and good stress. And when your work is for the spiritual welfare of others, it isn’t wise to be always at it. Self-denial is needed so your spiritual and physical health isn’t neglected, and the work of God ruined.

Jesus went into God’s presence until his humanity was charged with a divine current connecting man with God. He asked Abba to give us this experience for asking.*

If we have more simplicity, more trust, more confidence in God we will not be disappointed. We need, each of us, the experience of hearing God speaking individually to our hearts. Sitting quietly with God, the silence makes His voice clearer.

Isaiah 30:15, 32:17-18, 40:31, 50:4   Hebrews 4:16, *John 17

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