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Know God in a Year #109 With God All Things Are Possible

Jesus and his disciples go to the north shore even as a crowd follows, but they pass unnoticed to a retreat alone. For a few blissful hours they have him all to themselves.

Then looking out on the thousands waiting to see him, his heart  goes out to them. Though cheated of rest, he is not impatient. Leaving his retreat he finds a place where he can speak to them.

The people have come from miles around to hear him and to be healed–five thousand–only counting the men! (An actual 15-20,000?) The day seems to them like heaven has come to earth, and they don’t even realize that the whole day has passed with nothing to eat! They love listening to his words, so plain and simple about God’s love for them. Many of them have stood all day without thinking to sit down.

As the sun is sinking in the west, Jesus himself is tired and hungry, he becomes concerned for the people, many who have come great distances and have eaten nothing all day.

The disciples, seeing how pale he is, know he’s tired and urge him to send the people away so they can go to the nearby villages and find food.

“Let’s give them something to eat,” Jesus says, and then asks Philip, “Where can we buy bread so these people can eat?”

Philip looks over the crowd and replies, “It’s impossible. There’s no way to feed all of them!”

So Jesus shows them that with God all things are possible.

Matthew 14:13-16,  Mark 6:32-34,  Luke 9:10-13,  John 6:1-13


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