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Know God in a Year #110 Use What You Have

(continued–Jesus has just proposed feeding 5,000 people.)

“What do we have?” asks Jesus, “Find out.”

Soon Andrew is back, “There is a boy who hasn’t eaten his five pitas and two little fish, But that’s nothing!”

“Bring him to me,” Jesus says, “and have the people sit down in groups of 50.”

He smiles at the boy they bring, “How about sharing your lunch with all of these?” he asks with a sweeping gesture.

Eagerly the boy nods, looking skeptical and awed, and they all watch as Jesus looks up, holding the little lunch, thanking God for providing, and then begins breaking the barley pitas and dried fish and giving them to the disciples to give to the people. It is simple distribution and common food. Jesus knows God has led him into this situation and he depends completely on Him to supply the necessity.

He could have asked Abba to provide a feast, but he uses what they have and asks God to bless it. Never did anything taste so good as that simple every-day food.

Of course, people want to take some to their families and friends and tell their wonderful experience. So Jesus has his helpers pick up the leftovers so nothing will be wasted; they fill that lunch basket and 11 other empty ones!

God is generous–physically as well as spiritually. If you’re working with Him, ask and listen; then trust and use what you have. It may not seem to be enough, but through giving you will receive. If you’re working with Ruach, He will supply what you need from His abundance. You will always have enough to be generous.*

Matthew 14:16-21,  Mark 6:38-44,  Luke 9:13-17,  John 6:9-13   *Philippians 4:19,  2Corinthians 9:6-11

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